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Thomas J. Palm, PA

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Client Testimonials


Business Client Testimonials

Tom is very familiar with all of the aspects of Quickbooks and is able to explain to the product to others, who may not be as adept with Quickbooks. Great communicator.
Susan Martyn, Re/Max Prestige LLC

Thomas is an excellent income tax preparer and advisor and has done a superior job for myself and my corpoation in this regard for several years
John Nelson, John C. Nelson Inc.

I would strongly recommend Thomas J. Palm, PA. Great to work with and very reasonable. I dump off my files and he makes sense of them and for a reasonable fee integrates them into QuickBooks for me. Strong emphasis on knowing tax implications and strategies that may offset taxes, including retirement and tax paying planning (before April 15 when it's too late to act and plan).
Mickie Kennedy, MEK Enterprises LLC

Tom as been our accountant for years and has done a great job with keeping us on track and making sure all of our paperwork is complete. He is personable and always available to answer any questions we have. I would recommend his services for any one who needs a trustworthy accountant!
Dawn Fox, J&S Video Productions LLC

Tom is a great accountant for a small business to work with, due to his flexibility and ability to work with minimal direction. He is very trustworthy and reliable.
Andrea Shelby, Federal Hill Fitness LLC

Very friendly and knowledgable...easy to work with...very responsive to questions and concerns.
Jacob Cardwell, Special Projects Agency, LLC

Solid Bookkeeping and Accounting that focuses on Tax Planning and saving me money.
Steven Fisher, Appsolve Inc.

Highly recommend your firm. Impressed with how familiar your firm is with the details of my account. I was referred to Thomas J Palm, PA several years ago by mutual client. I find this firm to be attentive, friendly and comforting. I trust them for both my accounting and Health Insurance needs. I often find myself recommending them to friends and family.
Mark Camponeschi, Mark Camponeschi Enterprises Inc.

Experience,Knowledgeable, honest
Kevin McCarty Sr., McCarty Insurance Inc.

They are very professional and do things in a timely matter. They always get right back to you with an answer to your question. Very easy to deal with.
Judy Benney, Local Machine Service LLC

I would highly recomend you and your services
Mike Levero, Levero Enterprises Inc.

As a new client of Thomas Palm, we have found ourselves extremely happy and satisfied with the quality of services offered. All questions and inquires are answered in a timely manner either via email or phone. We look forward to a continued relationship!
Boutique Events

We have had peace of mind for the last six years when it comes to filing our state and federal taxes because we have been using Tom Palm, PA as our accountant! In addition to handling our business year-end taxes, he also does our business monthly bookkeeping, files our monthly required tax estimates, helps us with our financial planning and health c are needs, and files our personal taxes. I highly recommend Tom Palm, PA for all of your accounting needs. He is someone you can trust!...
Anonymous Reviewer

Excellent performace servicing my corporate account for the past many years
John C Nelson DBA John C Nelson, Inc

Thomas Palm does an outstanding job of reporting my taxes fairly and conscientiously. He answers all of my questions quickly and precisely with recommendations for future procedural changes. I am extremely satisfied with his service.
Michael Cox - Cox Fine Carpentry

Great service. They are very easy to get a hold of and return calls. They treat people like I want my company to treat people.
David Irwin, DCI Landscaping Inc.



Individual Client Testimonials

Your accounting and tax services are fantastic!
Cara Shaffer

I would definitely recommend your services if they were not satisfied with their accountant or just wanted to get a second opinion about their prepared taxes.
Elaine VanPoole

Tom Jr is a great guy and I used to work with him in a National Public firm where he gained his initial experience.
Brian Piotrowski

Highly recommended! The best accounting firm in town thus far.
Danilo S. Danga

I would tell them that the Palm Family provides extrordinary tax prep help as well as gives it their own personal touch. They are accessible and always return calls and emails in a prompt manner.
Jay Keenan

Check out Tom Palm!
Jerome Lee Jr.

They are very nice and will take care of you.
Jennifer DeJuliis

I think that they are very professional and thorough.
Ken Mills

Great service!
John Stark

They are great to work with. Very understanding people. A pleasure to work with.
Kevin Waldon

I am lucky enough to have found Tom jr in my area. His accounting skills are top notch and i bring ALL of my businesses to him for incorp. and tax services.

This group is very professional while also making you feel like you are a friend. I have complete confidence in ther work and have referred friends to them as well.
Anonymous Reviewer

My husband and I worked with Tom to complete our 2010 taxes. Neither of us had used an accountant before, but things were a bit over our heads in 2010. We were married, had a baby, and sadly a home foreclosure to deal with as well (2 loans on the property to complicate things a bit more). Tom helped us navigate the waters and provided the peace of mind that we were doing everything correctly. He had awesome suggestions for how to get the most tax savings from our sons college savings plan and even helped us set up a roth IRA. Tom really knows his stuff. But he also knows when to consult the books for those ever-changing tax laws. I feel 100% confident in our choice. I'm so glad we made the decision to go with Tom. His prices were very reasonable and the service exemplary. I highly recommend him without hesitation.
Anonymous Reviewer

I felt that Tom did an excellent job on preparing my tax forms. He was very prompt for our introductory appointment,spent as much time as necessary to be sure he had the needed info. and filed my return in a timely fashion. I will certainly recomend him to my friends
Kenneth R. Horner

We found Mr. Palm via a marketing letter his firm sent to our home. The timing was perfect as we were looking for a new accountant. My husband has his own business and I just started a new business this year. We met with Mr. Palm, liked what we heard and decided to sign up. It was the best decision. He is the perfect mix of accessible and profe ssional. A weight has been lifted knowing that he has my back not only at tax time but on a monthly basis. I recommend he and his staff highly. His rates are reasonable and worth every penny....

I've had my taxes prepared by Thomas J. Palm for the past 8 years. I've received great service each time. My tax returns are done very quickly and accurately. I will continue to have them done by Thomas J. Palm for many years to come.

Tom Palm has been great to work with. All the associates are professional and reasonable.
Brian Bobrow

I am satisfied with the services of Thomas J Palm, PA
Charles F. Cook Jr.

Excellent firm. Stellar service and guarantee accuracy.
Laura D. Bedford

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Tom Palm Jr. has earned the special designation of being a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). This means he is an expert in tax planning strategies and has the ability to identify tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that the average CPA, accountant, or Enrolled Agent does not know how to find. He will put his skills to work for you.