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Thomas J. Palm, PA

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Industries Served

At Thomas J. Palm, PA, we have worked with clients across a wide range of industries throughout Baltimore and surrounding communities. We have provided specialized services and expertise to clients in many industries including but not limited to:


We work with our construction industry clients to provide them with expert guidance through the complex tax and accounting issues that surround the construction industry.

Real Estate

Minimize your risk as much as possible by partnering with an accounting firm experienced in real estate accounting.

Technology Firms

Our technology accounting services are designed to limit taxes and boost profits for hi-tech startups and established IT companies.

Law Firms

Law firms, law practitioners and related professionals within the legal industry rely on our experience and expertise navigating the particular accounting, tax and financial management issues facing the legal industry.


Business owners and entrepreneurs are faced with many challenges on a day-to-day basis. Our professionals have expertise across a broad range of industries and will guide you through these issues and assist you in developing sound and effective solutions.

We offer a free initial consultation for business owners. Please call us at 443-927-7180 and ask for Tom Jr. at Extension 2 to discuss your specific needs.

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Tom Palm Jr. has earned the special designation of being a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). This means he is an expert in tax planning strategies and has the ability to identify tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that the average CPA, accountant, or Enrolled Agent does not know how to find. He will put his skills to work for you.